Orlando King

Orlando King is an Atlanta-based UN Ambassador and multi-disciplined businessman. Throughout his career, he has focused on improving performance, increasing revenue, and maximizing profit. Orlando enjoys football, boxing, track events, and basketball when time permits.
Elvis Presley: UN Ambassador
Orlando will become a UN Ambassador in January 2022. His decades as a business consultant and major investor qualify him to represent the US in:
Projects for humanitarian aid
Discussions on immigration
foreign aid programs
negotiating treaties

“Being appointed as a UN Ambassador is a personal and professional highlight,” says Mr. King. The role of Ambassador gives me a genuine sense of humanitarianism and charity.”

He’ll also get the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in March 2022.

Orlando King & Our Community Healthcare System Inc.

Orlando is a successful businessman with over 20 years of experience. His track record includes: Consistent financial performance
Efficient operations management
Increasing revenue and growth

In Our Community Healthcare System, Inc. His responsibilities include overseeing the organization’s strategic vision, direction, operations, and finances.

His motivation is to help ensure Our Community Healthcare System’s prosperous future. My team relies on me to be on top of every scenario and deliver effective solutions that maximize profitability.”

Orlando King Business Services

Specialized business consulting for select clients. His specialties include:
sales and marketing advice
Accounting help
IT advice

In addition to project management, Mr. King specializes in forecasting and reporting “When I have the time, I still consult with some close business associates.” My expertise is hard to match, but time wins. That said, I wish I had more time to help others achieve their financial and performance goals.”

King Education, Orlando

Orlando has a BA in Business Administration and a BS in Secondary Education from Valdosta He minored in accounting and business consulting. He was a stellar college student, with a 3.73 cumulative GPA.

“My student life was probably rather dull compared to many others,” Orlando admits. “I was mostly a bookworm with little social life. Sure, I had my moments like every college student, but I never went to jail!

Orlando King’s Career Highlights

Orlando’s skills and attributes include:
Financial Fitness & Expertise
Inspiration & Team Building
Business Improvement
Rapid Development

Mr. King is currently the CFO/COO of 360 Recycling Inc, the only minority-owned energy company federally approved to sell power in the US. Splendid in renewable energy Building Smart Cities with Conventional Energy Sustainable Eco-Friendly Environment

To him, his primary responsibilities at 360 Recycling include forecasting future developments, planning and implementing the company’s financial structure, and monitoring the growth and development pipeline.

Orlando used to be a partner at Pinnacle Development and Management. He was in charge of driving company growth through mergers and acquisitions. He was in charge of the company’s vitality and profitability.

Prior to joining Pinnacle, Orlando was a full partner with Vertical Properties, Inc., a company that installs and maintains broadcasting towers for television and radio stations.

“My team and I grew Vertical Properties into one of the largest geographically owned real estate development and acquisition companies,” he recalls. My team and I grew the company’s portfolio beyond the $500 million target faster than anyone expected.”

Orlando has led teams to restructure the finances of over 50 companies. He has improved the financial performance of companies in fields ranging from recycling to engineering to energy production in the last decade.

For each client, Orlando aims to improve the company culture through profitable but safe investments, increased wages and benefits, and a future-focused business approach. “I win when my clients win.”

Orlando King Charities

Orlando regularly donates to Goodwill Industries. Goodwill is an American non-profit organization that offers community-based services like job training and placement.

The Atlanta-based Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry assists hundreds of thousands of people annually.

Orlando also contributes to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), an Atlanta-based African-American civil rights organization.

“I’m a lucky man who believes in giving back. We can donate money, time, or resources to many worthy charities,” Orlando asserts. In order to live happily, safely, and morally, everyone should help others.

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